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by Sam Kelly on October 8th, 2017

It’s been a long time coming but at last, I am so proud to present to you, the new Sam Kelly’s Station House album entitled “No Barricades”.

I have finally produced my own album “No Barricades”.   One of the most exciting projects that I have ever been involved in and I am massively proud of the finished product.  Special thanks to my band: Paul Jobson, Tony Qunta, Richard Sadler, Jerome Marcus, Rowena Poole and special guest, Christophe Pelissié.  My gratitude also to Christophe Pelissié at Le Studio du Flâneur for his advice, skill and dedication in recording, mixing and mastering the album.         

I have enjoyed more than 40 years as a professional drummer, working on other people’s albums and retaining ideas on the direction and feel of a variety of musical arrangements.   “No Barricades” is my track selection, my arrangement for each musical instrument, my augmentation of the wonderful array of vocal harmonies and my decisions on the style of music.

“No Barricades” is me and my band, Sam Kelly’s Station House.  It is what we do.  No set genre, no limitation on creative instrumentation, no compliance with convention and no restrictions.  This is the nearest you will get to hearing Sam Kelly’s Station House playing “live” but in the studio.  Hope you enjoy the ride.   

Sam Kelly: Musical director, drums, backing vocals

Paul Jobson: Hammond organ, keyboards, piano, lead vocals

Tony Qunta: Guitar, violin, lead vocals

Richard Sadler: Bass, backing vocals

Jerome Marcus: Percussion, mandolin, backing vocals

Rowena Poole: Lead vocals

Christophe Pelissié: Guitar (Mr. Fake, Song for my Father)

Produced, directed and arranged by Sam Kelly with musical creativity from Paul Jobson, Tony Qunta, Richard Sadler, Jerome Marcus and Rowena Poole.  Recorded, mixed and mastered at Le Studio du Flâneur, 76 000 Rouen-Est, France by Christophe Pelissié

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  1. Angela Mac permalink

    HI – LOVE what I have heard No Barricades – would like to buy in time for next w/e ( for my drummer boyfriend) but cannot see where or how ??!! Please help

  2. Cliff Bayliss permalink

    Yep, just read a great review. I will buy one, and one for my son when available.


  3. Chris Leaney permalink

    Hi Sam Just been listening to Black Connexions review/interview. LOVED IT! Where can I get a copy (or 2!).

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