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Stay safe and well

by Sam Kelly on March 31st, 2020

Hi everyone

Well what difficult times we are going through at the moment.  I do not play any other instrument other than the drums, so my neighbours will be pleased to know that I will not be uploading any “home studio” videos on to the media sites.  I miss playing so much though – it’s been an age.  Usually a two-week holiday is enough for me to start going stir crazy so this is really very testing.  

However, not losing sight of the fact that I am lucky enough to be keeping well.  A bit of a daily walk in the fresh air, a pop to the shops for some bread and eggs….. finally, eggs !!! I haven’t been able to get any for days and I love them !!

I have been Face-timing my great grandson – he grows so fast.  Every time we catch up he is doing something new – walking was the latest achievement and a mouth-full of teeth.  Juxtaposition’s a bitch !! Hahaha !!  

As you can see, the cancelled/postponed shows have been removed from the website.  Thankfully some of these shows have been rearranged to early 2021, details coming soon.  Some of the shows may never be rescheduled as a few of the venues were struggling to keep going and I fear this may have pushed them over the edge.  

Please keep checking in – leave a message to let me know how your are doing.  Or check me out on Facebook 

“Sam Kelly” or “Sam Kelly Drummer” 

Stay well all – we can do this !!

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