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Aug 12 18

James & Black (USA)

by Sam Kelly

I am really looking forward to joining James & Black on their first ever tour in the UK.  Show dates run from Tuesday 18th September through early October 2018.  We also have Richard Sadler on bass.  Here is the up-to-date tour schedule:

Jun 9 18


by Sam Kelly

Looking forward to playing with Blues Bentley at the Bulls Head on Monday 11th June 2018 from 8pm

Jun 1 18


by Sam Kelly


May 7 18

Westgarth Drums – new snare

by Sam Kelly

I am thrilled to start using a new 14 x 6.5 Custom snare from Westgarth Drums. 

Here’s the technical stuff:

11 mm shell from maple, walnut, black walnut and wenge

Bearing edge: 45 deg with 4.8 mm round over

10 lug Die Cast hoops

PureSound 20 wire snare

Remo Ambassador Vintage coated heads

Finish: water-based polyurethane lacquer

Many thanks, Nick Westgarth

May 7 18

Sam Kelly’s Station House “No Barricades”

by Sam Kelly

We were thrilled to receive such great feedback from all the crew at Ipswich Community Radio, 105.7 fm:

Ozzie (ex Caroline) “Fantastic CD – all the tunes are on rotation on my show!”

Mrs J-D, The Blues Train Experience “I really can’t get enough of No Barricades”

Webby, Mouthpiece Show “Sam is head and shoulders above the usual band leader, and his band is full of top draw musos.  Can you pick one tune out? No, hence every show since the tracks arrived, I play two at a time!!

A big “thumbs up”, and a “go out and buy”, is the instruction from the leading DJ’s at ICR-FM.

Thank you for all your support, Sam Kelly’s Station House

Feb 5 18


by Sam Kelly

I am really looking forward to bringing my STATION HOUSE band to perform at The Hideaway, 2 Empire Mews, Stanthorpe Road, Streatham, SW16 2BF on THURSDAY 8TH FEBRUARY 2018.   It will be a party night with some very special guests joining us too.  Some tickets still available via this link:

Station House is: Sam Kelly Drummer (drums/bvs), Paul Jobson(MD/keys/vocals), Richard Sadler (bass), Tony Qunta (guitar/vocals), Jerome Marcus (percussion/bvs) and Rowena Poole (vocals).

Sam Kelly’s Station House is a “groove” band with dancing very much in mind. Their musical catalogue includes Johnny Guitar Watson, Keb Mo, Jimi Hendrix, Bob Marley, Gary Moore, Stevie Wonder, Little Feat, to name but a few. The band’s unique sound is influenced by New Orleans second line, soul, jazz, calypso, reggae and British funk.



Oct 8 17

SAM KELLY’S STATION HOUSE – Album promo tour date no 1

by Sam Kelly

Looking forward to this ….

Oct 8 17

SAM KELLY’S STATION HOUSE – Album promo tour date no 2

by Sam Kelly

Here is the second of our promo events,  showcasing tracks from the new album “No Barricades”


Oct 8 17


by Sam Kelly

Looking forward to this event: 

Oct 8 17


by Sam Kelly

It’s been a long time coming but at last, I am so proud to present to you, the new Sam Kelly’s Station House album entitled “No Barricades”.

I have finally produced my own album “No Barricades”.   One of the most exciting projects that I have ever been involved in and I am massively proud of the finished product.  Special thanks to my band: Paul Jobson, Tony Qunta, Richard Sadler, Jerome Marcus, Rowena Poole and special guest, Christophe Pelissié.  My gratitude also to Christophe Pelissié at Le Studio du Flâneur for his advice, skill and dedication in recording, mixing and mastering the album.         

I have enjoyed more than 40 years as a professional drummer, working on other people’s albums and retaining ideas on the direction and feel of a variety of musical arrangements.   “No Barricades” is my track selection, my arrangement for each musical instrument, my augmentation of the wonderful array of vocal harmonies and my decisions on the style of music.

“No Barricades” is me and my band, Sam Kelly’s Station House.  It is what we do.  No set genre, no limitation on creative instrumentation, no compliance with convention and no restrictions.  This is the nearest you will get to hearing Sam Kelly’s Station House playing “live” but in the studio.  Hope you enjoy the ride.   

Sam Kelly: Musical director, drums, backing vocals

Paul Jobson: Hammond organ, keyboards, piano, lead vocals

Tony Qunta: Guitar, violin, lead vocals

Richard Sadler: Bass, backing vocals

Jerome Marcus: Percussion, mandolin, backing vocals

Rowena Poole: Lead vocals

Christophe Pelissié: Guitar (Mr. Fake, Song for my Father)

Produced, directed and arranged by Sam Kelly with musical creativity from Paul Jobson, Tony Qunta, Richard Sadler, Jerome Marcus and Rowena Poole.  Recorded, mixed and mastered at Le Studio du Flâneur, 76 000 Rouen-Est, France by Christophe Pelissié